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Shipping Personal Belongings To Turkey - Any Advice?

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hello, i may take the rash decision to go to turkey this yr & wanted to know does anyone know how (if) anyone can ship a small amount of personal belongings for a do'able ammount of my hard earned pennies & expect to actually see my stuff again - its to Dalaman area.

Anyone know any stories,facts, companies etc.as internet searching has left me lost n scared!!if i thought i could replace some stuff i'd go with my suitcase but well, it seems i wont be able to do that to an extent -hence idea of shipping stuff.

But i did hear there was an ikea in Izmir......like i really care, the wages (if im lucky enough to get wk) will just pay for my dinner i guess, n wont be needing a table - we all eat on floor. uhm- so shipping - help:-)thanks

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It depends on what you're shipping, if you can mail it, it's no problem, but it can be quite slow. I recently went back to the States and got some things out of storage, and sent seven packages ranging up to about 4x3x2 feet. Mailing them in the US mail cost me between $50 and $90 USD (half that amount for British Pounds). It normally takes from the US about 2 months, which was cheapest, and the next higher rate I don't recall but it was out of my price range, I was in no particular hurry to get the stuff anyway.

You'll need, of course, to have an address to ship it to and someone to pick it up. The PTT, which is the Turkish mail system, will try to deliver them, and if nobody's home, they're supposed to leave a note of the attempted delivery and tell you where to pick them up. It would probably be at wherever the main post office is in Dalaman. I don't recall the amount of time they'll keep them until sending them back, but it's something like two weeks I think, it will say on the attempted delivery paper if nobody's there to receive them when they try to deliver.

I did have one bad experience with this. After waiting about 3 months plus, the packages never came. I finally tracked down the post office where they were supposed to be, only to find out that they had been sent back because nobody came to get them. The clerk at PTT said that according to records, a note was left at the delivery address, but I never received it! So I ended up taking back two empty suitcases on my next trip back and putting everything into two suitcases. Everything was returned to the US safely, but I had to pay some postage for the return delivery as well! AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!

They do open and inspect the packages when they come into Turkey, and if there are customs items there you may have to pay some kind of duty. Normally this is electronics, but in my case I had some videotapes that ended up being the property of the Turkish government for some reason, I have no idea why videotapes are a customs item (they weren't porn, if that's what you're thinking!). Apparently if its a customs item and you don't pick it up, they don't send it back, they keep it and dispose of it!

Normally electronic items are customs items, like stereos, computer equipment, etc. I suppose VHS tapes were considered to be some kind of accessory to an electronics item... Here's a link that explains customs rules from the Turkish customs authority: DEAD LINK. There's also information about mailing personal items to Turkey! Hope that helps!


Moderator note: The dead link went to the old Turkish customs website, which has been replaced by this one:


Unfortunately the new Turkish customs website has no English option as of the time of this note (9/13/2014)

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Thanks - i guess in that case i could start keeoing stuff there everytime i go.

As i fly by onur air most times there is a usual limit on what u can take weight wize.....i never understood why i see so many english people with much more than 1 suitcase n one hand luggage.

Maybe im missing something here. The other alternative is actually shipping a bigger amount of stuff - like boxed stuff. My greek ex did with his computer, books,clothes etc & it took ages but did eventually arrive safely - but he had to make sure he was there to collect in person. I guess i will have to find storage in uk (a moany mother - unlikely option!) or sell - have started to on ebay & gumtree (its a really good website to sell stuff for free - i see turkish properties on it a fair bit) - thanks for customs info tho. i have alap top but its wide - guess its for hand luggage then.will investigate further - its all that little bit more scarey when i know im going to nothing when over there.

Having to start from scratch.

But if i have to for love i will.thanks:-)

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Hi ChalaWhen we decided to move our items over to Turkey, we took everything in suitcases within the legal allowance of 20kgs. This was only stuff like bedding, curtains(!), decent bakeware, power tools, books, clothes etc. My laptop went as hand luggage for safety reasons.

All furniture and white goods are reasonably cheap, depending on the quality you want. Don't bother bringing stereo systems and bulkier electrical goods, as you'll be charged import taxes, which are usually higher than the goods are worth. Again, these can be bought over in Turkey, with varying prices. Shipping can work out quite costly, again no electrical goods, and you have to be in Turkey to recieve them and I do believe you'll need a residents permit to show the customs. That is why we opted to buy all our furniture once there.

If you are already selling stuff on the uk auctions sites, then use the money you make to buy whatever you'll need. The local markets and bazaars are ideal for all kitchen ware and utensils, shop around and haggle!

Hope this helps you.

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hi this is helpful to hear.

I think shipping is not worth it then & suitcases are the way forward & once ikea reaches us we will be laughing!?i know it sounds odd but i just worry about not having something i need. I guess this is normal for someone who has accumilated 'stuf' since 17 n now needs to just fill a suitcase.dont suppose there is anything i cant get.....is there? & i guess til married or with perm residence i will always be able to come back.thanks again :-)

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