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Nuvaring Available In Turkey?


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Hi and welcome to our forum goleckygo. Is this what you are looking for, if so the answer is yes you can get it in Turkey, not sure if you will need a prescription for it or if you do if they accept a US prescription, maybe someone else can advise you on that. Not sure if they are kept in stock but if you enquire they can order it and usually get things either the same day or the next. Also the price may have changed so you will need to check that out as well. :rolleyes:NUVARING VAGINAL 1 HALKAPharmaceutical Companie : SCHERING PLOUGH Price : 22,41 TL. . . Barcode : 8699790900984 Generic name : estrogen - etonogestrelatc classification - genito urinary system and sex hormones G03 SEX HORMONES AND MODULATORS OF THE GENITAL SYSTEM G03C ESTROGENS G03CA Natural and semisynthetic estrogens, plain G03CA03x2 estrogen - etonogestrelDrugs including estrogen - etonogestrel in Turkey : NUVARING VAGINAL 1 HALKA - SCHERING PLOUGH 22,41 TL

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