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Wine Making

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I have some friends in the village who make it but they bring stuff from uk. I tried making it myself but had to clean the drains with it.


Çukurbağlı's blog. Warning - takes you off the forum and into the www.wilderness


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I have made wine in the past,the village way. Grapes if they have'nt been washed have ther own yeast on their skins.so you dont have the need to add yeast. After collecting your grapes put them into very clean sacks, tie very securely.place in a very large bowl (the kind they have for hand laundry)start pressing the juice out with (need I say, clean feet) I found it easier using wellington boots.

Pour the juice into containers (the kind they have for storing olive oil) cover with muslin and wait for it to start fermenting (it will make a kind of hissing sound). Now is the delicate part as you have to listen twice a day until it stops. Immediately decant it into a another container. This done by using thin elastic piping (bought from the chemist) see that the piping does'nt touch the bottom (you dont want the sediment coming up) Suck the juice (as you would if you getting petrol from a car) and let the juice decant into the second container. The liquid should reach almost to the top (there should be very little air) otherwise it can turn to vinegar. Close with airtıght lid, wait about a week to 10 days, repeat process. You can repeat again if you want, you are basically getting rid of the sediment, which will make better wine. Now you can decant into VERY clean bottles and seal. To sterilise the bottles I wash them in hot water, and plunge them into boiling water. Then enjoy.

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Mimosa,I don't know if your brother used the same method but his wine was very drinkable. :bye1[1]:Just a thought, I hope he used wellies too!

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Lol we use wellies too - much safer than plastic bags!

I got the fresh juice last year from a turkish mate of mine but this year we had a bumper crop so its all on the go at the moment red and white and also fig.

I know peeps bring out stuff from UK ie chemicals etc but they can be got here for a fraction of the price and in KGs too just wondered if anybody knows any where?

I can get magnesium sulphate from the chemist as its epsom salts and also Vitamin B1, but i could do with both ammonium sulphate and ammonium phosphate - both nutrients for the yeast.

I have a large tub of Allinsons (0range can) baking yeast that does for wine and have to say its superb!

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