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I'm Getting Married!

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Just thought I,d let you all know I,m getting married on 1st October in the amphitheatre in Kaş.

He,s called Chris and we dated a thousand years ago LOL.

For whatever reasons (so long ago can,t remember) we parted after 2 years together. However back in March contact was resumed and we,ve been chatting on Skype ever since.

A couple of weeks ago he came to visit me and it was like the years inbetween had never happened.

We just fell in love again, (sick bags are optional at this point in time LOL).

He knows my situation (for those of you that don,t know, I have incurable cancer) and he wants to love and cherish me, hair or no hair hahaha.

So that,s it in a nutshell.

So if anyone is in town on 1st October please pop along to the amphitheatre.

Soo x

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Many Congratulations Soo, I can't think of anyone who deserves the happiness you are going through more than you. I know of your bravery and determination in fighting this cancer and salute you.

Your new hubby to be is very handsome as well as being very caring so you are a very lucky girl.

Sadly I won't be able to make it but I insist on seeing loads of photos of the two of you on your magical day as you make a lovely couple.

I look forward to reading future posts from you on the run up to your wedding :P:) :)

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Congratulations. I too live a bit far away to make the amphitheatre but I will certainly be thinking of you and your handsome fellah. :)

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