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G'day Emmamarie,

Yalıkavak covers a decent area, so it depends where you situated.

Of course, there is a lot more to do-see in Bodrum.. ( personally I only go there if I have to)

Dolmuş to Bodrum is about every 10-15 minutes during season, and available well after midnight. (Better check thou)

You can travel the whole peninsula by dolmuş this time of the year easily..

There is about 380 bays, most with clear beaches, do yourself a favor and don't lock yourself in a hotel..

You are going to love your holiday!!



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Yalikavak is a great location for a chilled holiday, and perfectly situated as a base to reach other parts of the peninsula. As well as hiking, boat trips, water sports and exploring the rock caves on the Kudur peninsula, there are also a lot of art galleries in Yalikavak. They've even converted an old Sarnic into a small art gallery.

The local Marina has just undergone a big renovation, and been expanded.

There's plenty of places to shop - both for souvenirs, and also foods and supplies etc. There's a local Migros shop near the Marina.

There is also a large selection of restaurants and bars etc, to choose from.

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