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Alanya Devlet Hastanesi

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Just thought you'd like to hear about my recent experience at the local government hospital - it was so fantastic! For a while now I've had pains in both knees when going up and down stairs and last year I twisted my right knee getting into the back seat of a car - that hurt! Finally, it started affecting me big time so 10 days ago I went to the local hospital to see the orthapaedic doctor there. Arrived at about 2pm, got to see the doc straight away to my amazement, he sent me for an x-ray and an MRI scan. The x-ray took 5 mins, again, no queue and I was asked to come back the next morning for the MRI as there was a queue, rather than sit there for 3 hours! Got there the next morning and was seen almost straight away (once the tech guy had finished twiddling some knobs!), was given the CD with the scan on it there and then and had to go back the next day for the written report to take to the doc. Got this with no problems.

Went back to see the doc for my diagnosis a couple of days ago, again seen almost immediately, the doc was very kind and helpful, answering my questions through my Turkish partner and I now know what's wrong!

All this cost me was 15tl to see the doc, (covered both visits) and 73tl for the x-ray and the MRI scan!!! I had to produce my passport and my Yabanci Turkish Kimlik number, that's all. Think the NHS could learn a few lessons here! :)

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Thanks Abi, I thought if I shared this it may encourage other people to visit their local government hospital instead of paying a fortune at the private hospitals. Sadly part of my knee trouble is permanent, I can help things by NOT going hiking for 5 or 6 hours at a time (which is what I've been doing every week from late Sept to June for the last 8 years!) but it's something that cannot be cured. Gentle walks for me from now on, which for me is the real pain :)

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Sorry to hear about your knees Scooby. Have you tried taking glucosomine sulphate tablets, they take about 2 months or so to kick in but they do certainly seem to help creaking / painful joints?

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