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Electricity Bills Lower

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This winter our electricity bills for January to April came to 487TL.

The previous year they were 620TL for the same months, even though the price per unit has gone up, I think.

The drop seems to have happened because in the Autumn we got our landlady to replace two balcony doors, the kitchen window and a defunct window mounted air con. We knew they were extremely drafty, but we were amazed that replacing them could reduce the bills by so much.

Was the mild winter also a factor I wonder? Anyone got notes to compare?

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hi, hard to tell as we moved to this house (bigger) in feb/march yet our bills were less than the house before which was half the size of this house. We do have double glazing here though whereas other house was single, the sliding doors are a wee bit drafty as were the other ones in the other house but thats mainly as i believe they were fitted badly. we would have thought the old house would have been easier to heat as it was ajoining the landlords house..didnt seem so mind you..whereas this house is mustakil and without a roof too!? weird..i therefore conclude double glazing makes all the difference and maybe good internal doors too with minimal gaps underneath (old house had them). i intend to buy some sealer strips for front door for next winter to cut out any drafts that may come from front door but we were very happy elec bills seem cheaper. I also add that we had a cheapy crap soben (not sure on speilling) small electric water heater for shower inbuilt..its was really not good..we now have a bigger tank also heated by elec but we turn it on and off at will when we want the water to heat up in time for a shower/washing up and we can control the heat from a knob.this is a new house with new fixtures/fittings...and i repeat apart from being bigger seems easier on the wallet for bills..

ONE last but not least boring fact...we didnt have hot water in old house in kitchen so had to boil a kettle each time i wanted to wash up..(house didnt have solar power..bad planning or what!!).or we tried to combine that and tea and use water then...this must have drained elec too..there is a link on here tech guy did once to show how much elec things use when not in use/in use..was interesting to read.ok one more thing...husbands workmates did say they noticed a dip in their normal bil rate last 2/3 months...(in comparison to last yr same months)...isnt that the prices whet down is it?? surely not!? :lol:as for milder weather..not sure..may need others opinions on this..i spent the whole of it here and i think we tend to migrate to the salon in winter and the bedroom is above it so maybe that helped with heating this house too.never had aircon so out of it on that one im afriad...can we do a survey on how people heat their houses...aircon or soba..we havent decided yet and when autumn comes me and hub need to make a choice..have elec high free standing heater now..just one!!...oh that was new this winter from kippa in izmir..used an old one before that in old house..maybe that added to the variables from one house to another or one bill to the next?

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