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Ups Or Fedex Question

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Hello, This is my first post here, and I hope it's in the right spot! My question is, I have family that wants to send me a gift (ipad) for my birthday. I've received books from Amazon with no problem using UPS or FedEx. I'm wondering if my gift was sent overnight through one of these services would there be any problems? Would I have to pay a duty? Is there a chance it might get stolen? it's an electronic item that of course is being released this weekend, but also I'm not even sure if Istanbul will have it. Will that be a problem as well? Getting an electronic item that's not even sold in the country it's being sent to?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Marquisk, welcome to Turkey Central. Will there be a problem sending it by UPS or Fedex? I shouldn't think so, a lot of stuff gets sent here that way.

Will I have to pay duty? Maybe.

Is there a chance it would be stolen? Yes, there is a chance but small. I suggest sending it insured for the full value.

As for getting an electronic item that isn't sold in this country, well I don't know, I doubt there will be a problem but my guess is as good as yours.


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Just a question, to the original poster or anyone else with knowledge:Did you ever order/get your ipad? Did you have it declared full value or did you have it undervalued? Did you have to pay an import customs fees/duties on it? (and how much, on the declared value, if you don't mind)?

I'm asking because I'd like to send 2 for family I have there--however, I'm worried that if I underdeclare the value, whatever service I use may "lose/damage" the packages and then there's a limit on how much can be claimed. However, I don't want them to have to pay ridiculous customs/fees on them either. Then I read that there is a limit (on these forums) to the amt of package they can receive, so I don't want to risk having the items sent back. Anyone know if any of this is true? Also, does anyone know what the personal limits are for bringing items into the country (on you, not shipped), both for if you are a non-resident and for residents? There is a possibility I can send them either with people going to visit Turkey (non-resident) or people who've come to visit here (Canada) and are returning to Turkey (resident). For example, in Canada, I can't remember the exact number of days, but if you've left for ~1 wk and are returning, you're allowed to bring in ~$750 worth of items you've bought out of country for personal use/gifts. (obviously, these are "declared"--there's no limit to undeclared items, assuming you're not caught).

I'm trying to find out what these limits are online (for importing items for personal use, if they're sent as gifts, etc and also for visitors to and residents returning to Turkey), but have been unsuccessful. I would also appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction (to actual government websites, not forums). Thanks in advance!!

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For any future  readers/inquires the custom threshold currently is under $75 and under 30KG, and 5 orders a year. This is the "official" story, reality is nothing is really safe under the threshold, everything goes through customs private or public mail service. I have used UPS it was fast and all but it was held by customs, even when it was well under threshold. My money went down the drain yet again!

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