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Are We Really A Dying Culture

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Totally agree (sorry about the conception, hehe)! IMHO, religion ought to be something between oneself and God/Allah/Higher Being/whatever other philosophy etc (including none at all).

And, intermediaries such as church or officially ordained authorities of said belief systems should not have the power to intervene & tell you how to run your life, or how to behave in order to subscribe to chosen belief system. In other words, your personal beliefs (or lack of) are nobody else's business.

A while ago I received a circulating email (in Turkish) purporting to be from God. Written (obviously) from an Islamic viewpoint, It basically said (just paraphrasing here) :


Let's say I never existed.....OK, then just delete this email & forget it..... If I am the one & only God, then why did I send Moses to make Saturday, Jesus to make Sunday, and Mohammed to make Friday the holy day? Why do I allow Jesus' followers to drink wine freely, while forbidding it to followers of the others upon pain of the whip? Why do I force one group to cover themselves in black sheets while permitting the others to walk about uncovered? Why should I allow one to live in peace and the other to be in mourning? .... Do I need human worship? Am I a God who condemns to hell anyone who disobeys my orders? Or a God who forbids to mankind things which should be enjoyed (wine, sex etc) in order to get to heaven?

Be sure, that's not me and never will be! I gave each one of you several billion grey cells, and you should use them so they don't get rusty & dusty...

Aren't I at least as smart as Google, who can satisfy both the producer and the consumer? You can log into Google and stay online for a very long time without losing the connection. So, why would I require you to log in 5 times a day? It's enough that you have me in your heart, and you can continue the connection lifelong without shutting down. As for the prayers I get from you and your friends, I can tell you that 99.9% is deemed spam and never reaches my inbox.

I gave you a brain to use, to think. I gave you hands to work with, feet to walk with. Eyes, ears, mouth -- well, you work out what they're for. Otherwise I could easily have not given you anything but just made my own laws to suit myself. How can you think that I made up all these contradictory religions, with rules according to this or that person's whims and fancies, creating this chaotic world? And you expect that with every new religion, we wipe everything and start new rules from scratch?????!!!!

I advise you to use your brains! Brains...brains...brains......think !


Anyway, it made me think. Actually, if everybody freely held their own personal belief (or none), wouldn't it solve a lot of problems? Posted Image No disrespect intended against anybody's beliefs. Posted Image

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That certainly makes you think.

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Well I don't mind those statistics. The majority of the Islamic world seem to live in more harmony with each other than the Christian world has done, the crime rates are lower and there is more respect for your fellow man. It's only another religion after all and this is exactly what happened back in the growing days of Christianity. Had we computers and films then we would have had stories with scary commentaries then too. What is the problem with Islam? Can they really do any worse than Christianity? Or am I talking through the wrong part of my anatomy?

Most of us have moved from a Christian country to an Islamic one by our own choice after all.

I would say what is happening in Syria is pretty bad and an example of religious extremism. The same thing happened in Germany during the wars of religious reformation. Catholic church vs Protestant secularists. Protestants historically were very secular and did not mind other religious so long as they followed a democratic system. The Catholic church viewed this as blasphemy during that period and went as far as commissioning crusades [or trying to] against Protestants. In France the monarchy supported the persecution of Jews, Muslims, Gypsies and especially Protestants. This paved the way for the Revolution to occur in France because the entire merchantile class were Protestants and foreigners living there. France had become poor within a decade and the people [all Catholic peasantry] revolted and killed the monarchy.


Western Europe was more affected by this and I do not know much about Eastern Europe but they did not experience this. Although Catholics were not very fond of Orthodox Christians. Today it is different the Catholic church is generally conservative but nothing of what it use to be in the past. The crusading days are long over and that wont happen again [hopefully]. I do notice that most religious extremist are al reactionary in the sense that when they feel their religion or culture is under threat they react in a primitive manner as oppose to thinking anything through. This in turn makes the religion look bad. Not to mention the way the Catholic church in the medieval era use to execute people for stupid things was enough for us Europeans over time to realize how evil it was and ungodly to do so we stopped. Most of this took along time to ferment but it will happen in the Middle East very soon. When modern man is broken down into two camps Conservative and Liberal [not American liberal they are nuts].

Is it because humans largely appear to lack spontaneous humanity & empathy, that there was a need to embody these requirements into a code of behaviour, which then became religion?

So, religion is a means of control -- an attempt to keep humans on the straight & narrow? The rituals & inane superstitions are just a means of keeping us busy & supposedly out of trouble.............. Interesting conception! Posted Image

This is true and does not allow us to critically think and thus we are cursed to live in a dark age where we develop nothing but resort to barbarity. I was raised in two homes one Protestant and the Other hardcore Irish catholic. I thought every time I went over my grandparents house I was in dark age Europe with a crucifix in every room and all these statutes of saints. I thought I was going to be used as a sacrifice or something. It creeped me out. My father was extremely liberal or secular and was a Methodist. I do not know how my mother and him got married, I do know my great grandparents would have never accepted them as being married because in the late 1800s the whole Catholic vs Protestant thing in America [and parts of Europe] was still around. But we have come along way in a short amount of time. 


It should be interesting to see what happens in the Middle East but I predict it is still going to take more time for them to 'wake' up. Also it seems more religious extremism is occurring in Europe from both groups and most of this has to do with culture. I do not agree with multiculturalism but that is a different topic. I believe this If I move to Turkey I must transform into a Turk [not biologically but culturally]. I think multiculturalism exists in America out of a miracle and that I do not see how other countries would adopt it because it leaves so many loop holes and just allows for problems to be created and in a way back fires. I do think though that being secular is better than being multicultural or having a religious government. A sophisticated law system is required to build a Democracy. Otherwise your left with nothing and I think this is the problem with Iraq and Afghanistan. They have the potential to do it its just they do not know where to begin.

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