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Now Married To A Turk...my Entitlements?!

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Hi again everyone!

I just have some questions I wanted to ask as I recently married my Turkish husband, do I still have to purchase a Visa every time I come into Turkey and queue in the long queue with all the other "yabancis"?!!! Or will it be recognised that I am now married to a Turkish citizen?!!!

Also, what other benefits may I receive in Turkey? Would I be able to work there and receive any maternity benefits for example?

I was just wondering what the main differences will be or what I would be entitled to as we are now married?

Thanks a lot for anyone who knows the answers and replies :0)kendine iyi bak!


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I'm afraid being married to a Turk doesn't make any difference and you will still have to queue for your

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[[by the way, can you apply for Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage even if you havent been living in Turkey]]Yes, but I believe that you have to be living together.

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[[.& can you still keep your British passport as well? Can both be valid at the same time?]]Sorry missed this last night.

Yes, Brits are allowed to have dual nationality, you don't need to get a Turkish passport just use your British passport. :beerchug[1]:

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