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Government Tax And Environment Tax

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Property Tax payments are made in two equal installments in the period March-to-May and November each year and those are collected by the local governments (municipality). The tax base is annually updated by a coefficient determined by the Ministry of Finance taking into account the inflation rate. You must take your Tapu (possibly your habitation certificate) along to your local Belediye and they will tell you how much you must pay.

How much you pay depends on the value put on your house by the Belediye. It is no where near the amount paid in the UK.

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I've only ever been asked for one payment, in April each year. Last year it went up to 90 lira for two houses. Shock Horror!!

I only had to show the tapus in the first year and then I showed it a couple of years later when the houses had been put on them.

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Well somebody has to pay it and if you're the leaseholder I would think it's going to be you. If you know who has the freehold you could try asking them but I doubt you've got much chance of getting them to pay it.

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