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Approximately How Much To Ship My Car Back To Uk?

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@Jamie>You came to the write place! I'm not the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on such question but you'll surely be pointed in the right direction from one of Turkey Central's UK members living in Turkey. Here are some pointers on how to get a better estimate and you can edit your orignal post to include the changes:1. What type of car is it, i.e., model, approximate weight, etc2. Where do you intend to ship the car from in Turkey or give a general location where you'll be staying, example being Izmir, Istanbul, etc.

And some things you may consider as well:1. It's fairly easy to ship your car back yourself by putting it on a ferry and shipping if from a EU country once you arrive in turkey unless urgency is of the importance in shipping it back right away.2. Shipping it to Greece on a ferry would be the shortest distance I assume.

Lastly, remember to modify your post with a general location of where you'll be working, visiting, or residing, so members can provide a shipping businesss close to you--best of luck and please tell other's about this wonderful English source of information in Turkey.

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Welcome to our forum greatschooltrip. I personally can't answer your question but we have a member who specialises in this work. I have asked him if he can help you but you can also contact him yourself and look at his website.

We would like it if you could go to 'Meet and Greet' to introduce yourself. :(Mr. Taner ALTINAYDirector of Sales & MarketingTuzcuoglu Transportation ServicesAnkara (main office) +90 (0) 312 473 81 30Istanbul: +90 (0) 216 478 14 49Izmir: +90 (0) 232 484 80 34Adana: +90 (0) 322 363 19 02www.tuzcuogluremoval.com

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