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Restrictions On Value Of Goods Imported By Package

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Does anyone know, or have any idea where I might find the limit imposed a year or so ago on the value of the item(s) in a package received for personal use.

I had an experience last winter when UPS in Istanbul rang me to say they had a package for me but as the value exceeded the newly imposed limit for personal use, I would have to form a company etc etc to receive it!!! They advised returning the package, which I did.

I have been trying to discover exactly what the limit is ....it seems to be 100 something ...but I have been told 100 US Dollars but also 100 Euro. Which currency it is makes a huge difference ...........for example, I cannot buy shoes to fit here, so need to buy these on the internet. I have my eye on a pair whose value from a UK website comes to the equivalent of 111 US dollars So .........if the limit is 100 dollars I cannot receive them ............but if its 100 Euro its ok. :rolleyes:

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I found this information but as I found it on another forum I cannot vouch for it, although it seems to suggest that you are in luck and the limit is 100 euro. It was dated December 2009 and the poster said he regularly posted things to Turkey.

The other alternative ,may sound silly but it should work, is to get each shoe sent in a separate packet.

[[One month before and after new year, ramadan feast and kurban feast the limit is 400$ (300 euro)

other days of the year the limit is 200$ (100 euro)

The prices is not the price you bought, the price in Turkey.

Posta Yoluyla Gelen 100 EURO luk Eşya Muafiyeti Ne demektir?

Yurt dışından T

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