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Are These Darts


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l am very concerned of one of the street dogs l am taking care of.l have noticed how so weak and lathargic she was and constantly licking her paw.

Just today l have noticed what looked like a thick cord of fishing line embedded in her bottom side leg.

And close examination to the foriegn body looked like it went straight through.l touched it and found it was loose one end and then yanked it out very quickly.l felt a little restriction which tells me it was barbed at the end of the point.

And the other side of the leg didn't move so this means it is seperate from the one l pulled out.l pulled the other one out and was exactly the same as the first one.

The material felt like hard nylon and looked man made.

And the way they penertrated the leg wouldn't have been done accidentally.

The tip is brown and barbed[probably was longer when shot,due to the dog trying to chew it out]Were these darts propelled by a blow tube or any other method.

Here is a phot of the darts,which l think happened during last night.


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I wouldn't like to say really Noname, if someone did do that to the dog it was indeed very cruel. I do hope that the dog is alright now after your care. I believe that there is now a vet where you live who looks after street animals maybe you could show him.

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That is exceptionally cruel. It looks to me like the tail end of it was designed to fit into a tube and be propelled by air like a dart shot from a rifle which fires tranquilizing darts. They have similar tails on them. Looks like a home-made job to me, maybe one of the neighborhood kids made it and was doing target practice with the neighborhood animals. He'll probably be doing it again, perhaps you should let the police know about it, since I understand their are laws about cruelty to animals.

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..thats what it looks like ..darts from a blowpipe.. :groupwave2[1]:

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How cruel. Some people need to be treted in the same way as they treat animals. A dreadful thing happened to me almost 2 weeks ago now whilst walking with friends and my dog at Patara. We'd had a lovely walk from the village, through the woods, over the sand dunes, along the beach and sat down in the ruins to have our picnic. My dog Tom ate some of his dog biccies, which I put down on the ground for him and a friendly street dog which was following us. A few minutes later, Tom began foaming at the mouth, then he started fitting and as we were so far from the car (which my friend ran off to get as soon as we realised Tom was ill) we couldn't get him to a vet and all I could do was comfort him as he died a very, very nasty death. I'm still traumatised by it now.

I've since been told, and I don't know how true it is, that the archaeologists there have been using some strong chemicals to clean the stones as they uncover them and that 6 other dogs have died there.

So, please be careful if you go that way with your beloved pets. I lost my baby and I'd hate anyone else to go through what I am now.

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Oh Scoobydoo, I was so upset to read your post and very sorry to hear about your poor dog what a terrible thing to happen. Whilst I'm not sure that chemicals would be used to clean stones, but then I am no expert, there is obviously something going on in that area if 6 dogs have died.

Thanks for the warning as it may save someone else and their dogs going through the terrible ordeal that you have been through.

Big hug for you :groupwave2[1]:

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First of all.l would like to say to scoobydoo of the terrible grief you must've gone through losing your beautiful loving pet in this way.lf the poison on the stones has effected your dog as well as many others,then it has also many other wildlife in the area.l know of the feeling when losing a pet l class as part of the family,it is like having your heart is ripped out from you and no where to turn to for comfort.

The street dog that had the darts in her legs has recovered and is now eating normally.l have closely examined these darts with a cacti plant that seems to be similar in hardness and in texture.

And what l have come up with was these spikes are probably taken off the plant to make these darts with the tips dipped with a pioson.

l have three of these plants in my garden with spikes two to three inches long and it seems to have been tampered with.

The darts did have some sort of cotton material on the edge to make a tight fit in the blow tube.

But the difference in the darts l have found on the dog to what is on the plant was slightly thicker and more of a hardness feel to it.l am still in limbo at the moment as to what has happened,but l will go to the vets late next week and see what he can make of it.

Here is a photo of the plant of what l think the darts were made from


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They definately look dangerous, don't think I would like them in my garden.

I had a cactus that looked very much like that, Austrocylindropuntia subulata I think.

On one occasion I was a bit to close to the cactus and not looking what I was doing and caught a finger on one of the spines - it went right through the tip of my finger, missing the bone. I had to very carefully slide my finger of the spine.

I don't think it was barbed but some related species are.

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