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Now that the season of over indulgence is upon us, I wonder if anyone has considered a diet in the new year? I have started mine a month ago since I plan to participate in the IFB Turkish competition (bodybuilding) in the Spring. Bodybuilders have to get down to a very low fat percentage and although I've already lost 9 lbs, the needle is sticking and I have to dig in and get past the metabolic plateau that inevitably kicks in after the first month's water loss. As I'm in the UK and can't train or get out (icy weather) it makes dieting harder but of course I still do it. I have another 17 or 18 lbs to go and hope I can do it in 11 weeks. If it is hard now you can imagine how bad it gets in the last month when we are on no carbs or fats at all. The last day is 24 hour nil by mouth to dry out.

If anyone wants any dieting or nutritional advice I'm always willing to oblige:) I think that bodybuilders must know the nutritional make-up of nearly all foods! My new trainer warned me not to give up my diet when I went home for the holiday period and as I'm alone with mum here and she doesn't eat then not much chance of that. We don't celebrate Christmas and New Year is quiet so no excuse for pigging out. Here's to an eggwhites and whey powder New Year!

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