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Soil Improvement

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The soil here in Akbuk is a thick heavy clay that robs the plants of air.lt becomes very sticky when wet so it is impossible to cultivate.

And when it becomes dry turns into a solid mass of hard clay.

The poor soil has significantly improved over the 4years in my garden,because l have been burying the biodegradable kitchen waste in chosen areas of the garden.l have been collecting a lot of cattle manure around the area and mixed this with the kitchen waste to enrich it nitrogen.

The final result is a good wholesome sweet smelling humus that plants hunger for.lt improves the soil texture and also areates soil and retain moisture a lot longer then the clay soil could have done.

Watering the plants can benefit the plants or it could retard the plants growth and promote diseases.

The water here in Akbuk is contaminated with a strong solution of alkiline and salt sediments that has a bad effect on the plants.it stops the growth on many plants by utilizing the nutrients in the soil of what the plants need.l always capture the winter rainwater to use sparingly during the dry season and now seems to have gained ground on the growth.l did an experiment this year,because of my suspicions on what is causing the stunted growth.

One plant in a small tub was watered with tap water and the other was watered with the rain water l captured.

The results were amazing.

The one that was watered with rain water was a lot more stronger and greener then the one that was watered from the tap.

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