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Undelivered Mail. Please Advise...

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My father sent a package priority mail from the US on Nov. 6th. It still hasn't arrived yet! I'm really worried because inside wasn't just a gift shirt for my husband but some really important and sensitive documents we need for my husband's visa interview at the American embassy next month. My father has sent new documents by UPS that arrived, thankfully. But we are still worried about the 1st package that never arrived because in the wrong hands all that info. on my parents could be used for identity theft. I've been to the Bakirkoy PO to complain and both times they say the same thing: "The package hasn't arrived in Turkey." I know that isn't true. The package was sent priority mail meaning that it would have been flown over, not sent by ship and it should have only taken 9 days to arrive according to the USPS. I warned my parents not to send anything regular mail for fear it would be stolen since you can't track the package like you can when you send something by UPS. Plus since there was a nice polo shirt with a little american flag on it for my husband to wear to the interview it looked like there must be something worth taking in the package which worried me and sure enough my fears came true. It's upsetting that my husband's gift was lost but we can accept that. Of course, we have all the documents we will need for the interview now but what will continue to worry my parents and I is if someone uses their information for fraud. Everything a person might need to carry out identity theft was on those documents. :D Is there some other office you can go to to complain about lost packages? Since it was sent priority mail we only have the US customs form number and no other way to track it.

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