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Where Can I Buy A Computer Case Tower in Istanbul?

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I'm sorry I can't really help you as I don't know Istanbul but I did put 'computer shops Istanbul' in Google and it came up with a few.

Welcome to our forum.

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Welcome to our forum vabbit, sorry can't help you but thought I would say hi.

If you would like to go to our Meet and Greet section and tells us a bit about yourself ie what brought you to Turkey that would be nice. Maybe you have some stories or information about life here that you would like to share. :)

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Vabbit, try Hepsiburada.com, they often have great promos. Everything is in Turkish so you may need a friend to help you navigate for a while although I found many of the computer terms are similar or the same. (Also try a translation page such as


I found computer cases (Kasa/Powersupply) here:

Hepsi Burada

They have loads of other accessories. They ship direct to your house but they do not have a phone call service you have to email them (in Turkish) with any questions about a product before you buy or if you receive something and need to return it. We bought a great power supply from them but it was broken in shipment and they took it back without a hitch and paid for return shipping!! :)

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