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How To Manage A Garden In Turkey, When Not There All The Time

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I love my garden in Gazipasa,but im only there 4 times a year,and the soil gets so dry during the summer period so what to do... first off all i bougth more and better soil, its very cheap about 100 ytl for 3 ton, then i planted a lot of olive trees, for the sake of shadowing my garden area, between the olive trees i then planted lemon,orange,advocado and much more. finally I bought a timer for controlling my selvmade watering system, which is placed in the ground and therefoe not visibel- this system works for a year before demanding a new batteri,the complete system costed around 300 ytl in all, and secure the watering of my garden at any time. offcourse the timer is set to work in the evening after sunset to prevent loss of water. everthing now grows in a degree that makes me smile every time i go to Gazipasa.

The olives, once ment as shadowplants, now gives me a lot of olives,and i made this agreement with my neigbours wife,she harvest the olives and brings it to the mill,and then we share the lovely oil,which is very popular in my kitchen and on my table :rolleyes: best regards Flemming

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