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Hi, I am new to this site, and am hoping to find out lots of helpful information, to help me regarding my recent engagement to my handsome fianc'e. Any help with words, how much things are likely to cost, and the legal process, will be most helpful.

I look forward to using this site, as the replies that I have browsed, everyone seems helpful and friendly.


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Hi Mazz and welcome to our forum as Ben said there are loads of post about getting married but ask away if there is something that is not covered.

By the way congratultions on your recent engagement, are you thinking of living here when you get married?.

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Hi, We are thinking of living in England, and Turkey, as we both have our own families & properties. I can imagine, with the difficulty, and length of time it takes to acquire a visa, that we will be residing mainly at his home, for the time being though?

Thank you to every one, who has replied to my post. I feel so welcome, almost as much as Bay's family make me feel when I visit.xx

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Hello Mazz - and welcome - look forward to hearing your latest news as you progress to the marriage ceremony - CONGRATULATİONS TO YOU BOTH ...

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I feel so welcome, almost as much as Bay's family make me feel when I visit.

Well, then, we have accomplished something here, because you ARE welcome! :doh[1]: We can only immitate the Turkish hospitality, but I think we do a pretty good job at it. Oh, and forgive me for not saying so before... congratulations!!! :)
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Welcome to the forum Mazz, and congratulations on your engagement ! Several members are going through the marriage process now, so you'll get lots of advice from them...... and whatever other helpful information you want, just ask, there's sure to be someone who knows ! And we look forward to hearing of your experiences too !

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congrats all round then and welcome - cant keep up! and welcome back angi tooi married in april 09 also and have loved the calm of less paperwork or stamping or running around. now just gotta get on with baby making then the paperwk will begin again and .......dont forget to find out if u have a health house near you...im told they are often in the bottom of gov buildings and are often keen to register newly weds.... they give advice to expectant mums etc and other things im a lazy fool and ment to do this yonks ago but will go this week to give name,. parents name, blood type etc... maybe in towns or cities the protocal is different and of course this only applies to those intending to reside here in turkey....point being im told its free help. i like anything free.not like me now of course i got hitched n allJOKE :lol:

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I'm sorry I haven't checked back for a while. I seem to have very little time to spare at the moment, (work, home, wedding, and skype chats, that are my source of contact with my Bay.)Thank you all so much, I will contact one or two of you, if that is ok? To glean your knowledge, as I do really need all the information I can get.

Congratulations to all of you newly wed's, and may you all have long and happy lives together.

Maz xx

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