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Marrying In January..need Some Help?

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Hi Everyone,Me and my turkish boyfriend are planning to get married in January and need some help. I understand I can get my CONI translated in the UK first to save time, but do I also have to get my passport and birth certificate translated? I will be going to Turkey for 2 weeks, will this be enough time for us to sort everything out and have the marriage ceremony? Thanks for your help!

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Hi AngelEyes, welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! I'm married to a Turkish man too - over 3 years married now, and no regrets so far :greedy[1]: Yes, you'll need to have your birth certificate translated and authorised, as well as your CONI, but not your passport. 2 weeks would be enough.

You have 4 choices for the translation / authorisation of documents - 1. Forward the documents to your boyfriend before you go (by courier it should cost about

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Actually, passport translation depends on where you marry, I had to get mine done and spent more precious time running about Isatnbul to do so might be a good idea to find out this before hand. As with most things in Turkey it all depends on the place :)

However i dint have to get a translater as the registra spoke perfect english

Two weeks should be plenty of time as log as your well prepared. I had all my documents translated in Istanbul, from starting the ball rolling to the actual day was about a week, that included printing of the invites, buying the dress, blood tests, everything.


CONI done in the uk. 21 days.

Photos for the marraige book and blood tests 30YTL - we need 5 of both the bride and groom but we had 12 and one large one for that price ready in 45 mins check out the amount where you atttend to marry as i think this differs place to place

Blood tests 75NTL - for this you need passport or ID and one photo. Took about 20 mins. You then have to get the health papers stamped at the hospital office . no charge

Passport translation 15YTL there are many offices that offer this service, Then you have to get the passport stamped at another office 42.64YTL like i said check out if you need this done at your chosen venue

British conselate for translation CONI, your birth certificate, your passport, his ID or passport (decree absolute or death certifcate if either of you have been married before) This cost

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