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Nicest Scenery Route Between Istanbul And Izmir

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I'm a little unsure on the route I should follow after leaving Istanbul? My options are:1) taking a bus to Iznik, then Bursa (as I've heard it's a scenic ride, and not so lengthy - Is it really true it's a scenic ride?2) ferry to Bandirma, and bus connection to Cannakale, or direct bus connection to Cannakale (from Istanbul) - only reason I could think for doing this is getting to Aegean sea - nearby to turkish islands G

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There are buses that run during the day. But maybe saren is planning to do the trip bit by bit and visit places en route.

Sorry I can't help with that. :nono3:

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Well, saren, I would certainly get the ferry from Bandırma. It breaks up the coach journeys and makes an interesting and relaxing couple of hours. Full details are here: IDO Ferries

Depending on time available and your interests I would then head for the coast, maybe to Ayvalık which can make a pleasant stop-over. If you do visit Ayvalık you must make the short trip up to Şeytan Sofrası (Satan

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If I go to Iznik, then I cannot take the ferry to Bandirma?

No, not via Bandırma if you were going for your Option 1. Unfortunately, the famous 16th Century ceramics for which İznik is famous, have virtually disappeared from the museums and mosques but there are the city walls to explore, Yeşil Cami, Aya Sofia and, of course, the lake side. Bursa is well worth a visit with some of the finest Ottoman munuments around and consideredd by many to be the birthplace of modern Turkish culture. Despite the masses of concrete now and motor manufacturers, the city still has considerable appeal. If you fancied a short sea trip you could catch the ferry to Yalova and then head for Bursa

But, I suggested Option 2 which (in my personal opinion) would be more interesting itinerary for you.

But it's your call and you, far better than me, know what will appeal to you most.

Enjoy your trip whatever you decide.

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Can you tell me what you mean by monuments? Because I don't like statues, and museums, but I do like mosques, old quiet streets, yali, or wooden houses, and regional foods, etc..

With the added information, do you think Bursa should be included, or skipped? I don't like concrete, cars, etc...

Badirma as a city is supposed to be unattractive (industrial?), but there is a erdek peninsua there, from google satellite it looks hilly, maybe nice? You been?

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