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Will This Ever End.....the Dogs Of Kaş

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not good news...sadi heard today that someone in our area arranged a local nice vet to neuter local dogs for free - owned or stray- just anyone who brings them along, interesting news- someone is being pro-active.

But killing street dogs and not having a plan before is like someone using the morning after pill as normal contraception...well not quite sure why i said that but i mean why do things the hard and mean way when there are other options to keep us all happier.....just the worst way to go about it all i think......cold blooded and not sensible whatsoever in my mind...but if it was put to vote by FT locals and residents..i fear the dogs would lose out all the same....bless em

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Kas actually has a busy charity which pays for neutering of stray dogs and cats. There are also visits by vets and days when owned animals can be neutered cheaply. There is a dog pound in one of the nearby villages, not the best solution but at least somewhere where they get food and water.

Feelings about the local dogs run pretty high, on both sides of the argument. It is very worrying for parents of small children to see a pack of dogs chasing and tearing apart a cat in the middle of the day in the main square as happened not so long ago.

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things though.

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