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Sole Trader working online from Turkey

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My husband and I are considering moving out to Turkey for the foreseeable future and will be applying for short term residence permits once we arrive. I work online as a web developer and am registered as a sole trader in the UK. From all the posts I've read here it seems that I won't need a work permit, but I'm very confused about my tax obligations. As we will be living in Turkey for over 183 days a year presumably we will be resident for tax purposes in Turkey - but with reciprocal tax agreements between the UK and Turkey would you know if it's possible for me to continue paying tax in the UK as opposed to paying in Turkey? From a tax point of view in the UK I'm on a low tax band whereas in Turkey I would right at the top. I might not be calculating things correctly, but with tax added in it would end up making our budget in Turkey more than what we spend in the UK!

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As far as a work permit goes, you won't need one. But you're correct regarding taxes and where your tax home is. Personally I would speak to a tax professional about this. And have them read over the tax agreement between the UK and Turkey (you can probably  find it with a Google search).

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