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Utility deposit is not registered by my name.would it be a problem in the short-term residence permit

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Hi. I have rented a house through a friend of mine in turkey for one year. ( not istanbul )

In the contract my name is stated besides my friend's name(which has kimlik)(the landlord wouldn't accept my name alone as a foreigner). the deposits for utilities(electricity,water and gas) are obtained by my friend's name. Would this cause some problems for me  in the procedure of the short-term residence permit when applying for it afterwards.

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I don't think it will be a problem. Normally they ask for utility bills only if there is some doubt. Personally I have never been asked for one. The contract was enough. 

Just in case though, perhaps you should take the utility bills, and the notarized copy of your contract anyway. At least the could see that your friend (who is on the contract with you) has the bills in their name. And since they are on the contract with you, it would make sense that the contract is a valid one and that you really are living there.

And that's only if they ask for the utility bill in the first place.

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