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Receiving Parcels from Abroad

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I wonder about receiving parcels from the EU and UK in Turkey (İstanbul). Do I have to pay any fees when receiving them? Is post service in Turkey reliable (theft and damage)?

Basically in my home county I used to order apparel from a Belgian company, and books from the UK. In my country I always just pay a small fee for post service (around $2) for the clothing, and I pay nothing for the books. Also our post service is so reliable so I've never lost an item nor received it damaged.

In Turkey how is it gonna be?

P.S I'll appreciate just answering my question. No need for advice about buying apparel and books from here in Istanbul.

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It's pretty much that way here, although with different fees, probably. I've gotten books and clothing delivered to my door with no customs fees.

Regarding things getting lost, if I use the regular mail, things do sometimes get lost. So I use taahhütlü posta (Registered Mail" which has tracking by bar code. I haven't lost anything using a commercial cargo company.

I also have a post office box. It can only be used for regular mail (no cargo shipping companies) but at least that way I know the mail will be kept in a box at the post office and not left on a table or on top of the mailboxes in my apartment lobby (which they usually do).


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