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How to actually use the Pvt Health Plans bought in Turkey?

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Hi there, 

I got a plan from Sompo Japan for the purpose of a residency application.

Let's say if I fall extremely ill all of the sudden, is the Yabanci health insurance we bought actually will cover it, any hospitals or only governmental ones?

Also can we use this Yabanci Health Insurance for primary care purposes let's say we have some pain at a certain area can we walk into the Kepez Devlet Hastanesi and expect to be covered by the YHI?

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Read the policy to see what it covers and doesn't cover. The policies issued only to meet the minimum requirements for a residence permit are somewhat limited. They are even more limited in the first year, since the insurance companies use that first year to filter out any pre-existing problems. In the second year, the same policy covers a lot more.

The policies issued for residence permits are all the same, regardless of what company you buy your policy from. The price changes from company to company depending on what the company thinks they can get for it.

Again, these policies issued for foreigners needing residence permits only meet minimum standards and have limited coverage in the first year. If you want more comprehensive coverage, you'll need to buy a private health insurance policy that meets and exceeds the minimum coverage requirements. If you are interested in buying one of these more expensive policies let me know. We have a health insurance company who issues health insurance policies for Turkey Central members.

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