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Path to Citizenship by Starting a Company and Offering Jobs

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Kai Slem

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I have a couple of websites for which I hire writers regularly.

After receiving my residence permit in Turkey, I plan to register a company ( a digital marketing agency). 

Let's say I start hiring writers in Turkey on a freelance/part-time or fulltime basis. Could this open up a path towards citizenship of Turkey if I stay in the country and operate the business for 5 years?

I would be thankful if someone could share anything that might clear up confusions around this.

I want to make Turkey my home but do not want to invest in property.

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I might meet the requirement of proof of your intent to stay in Turkey, but you could do that just as well by buying a home here and living in it for five years. You can invest in businesses and such things to obtain immediate citizenship, but the minimum investment is the equivalent of $500,000 USD. Or you could buy a home for $250,000. There is a clause in the law about how many Turks you hire, but it's a huge number, like for a very large company.

You don't actually have to do anything like that for citizenship except live in Turkey for five years, and prove that you intend to live here, and when you go for your interview demonstrate a knowledge of the Turkish culture and language.

Have a look at this article about obtaining Turkish citizenship after five years:

For citizenship, and even a long-term residence permit, you must live in Turkey. You can't just run a business here while being elsewhere in the world and expect them to give you citizenship.

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I wonder if you've read the book "Nomad Capitalist" by Andrew Henderson. In that book he talks about living in various countries and working as a "digital nomad" and obtaining citizenship in various countries.

Or maybe "The Four Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris.

I'm also something of a digital nomad, although my travels have been curtailed by the pandemic for now.

Anyway, I'm in a similar situation and intend to travel and work, with my base in Turkey.

After eight years of continuous residence (there are rules for disqualifying gaps in residence) I can get a long-term residence permit (which never expires and is basically the same as citizenship). However, I may want to stay in another country (countries) for a longer period which might constitute a break in residence.

So I am considering maintaining an apartment in Turkey and continuing to extend my two-year short-term residence permit. If by chance I am out of the country when my residence permit expires, I can just get another tourist visa to re-enter Turkey, then apply for another residence permit. I could come and go to and from Turkey as much as I want that way. No need for a long-term residence permit, or citizenship.

Of course there is no guarantee that any residence permit will be approved, but the Turkish government tends to favor citizens from certain countries when it comes to giving out one or two-year residence permits.

May I ask your country of citizenship? I'll check the list of countries and see if you might be able to do something like that. It would solve your problem, you could do what you intend, and you wouldn't have to become a Turkish citizen.

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