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2021 Cheapest way to pay for Utility bills and where to pay?

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Hi there, I won't have a bank account until I have my first Fatura. So I'll probably be paying my first couple of bills in person at each utility companies physical payment office?

So where should I go in Antalya to pay for the bills for each company: CK Akdeniz, ASAT and Turk Telekom, without paying any extra commissions or paying minimum commissions?

I know PTT accepts payment but charges a commission on top of each payment. 

So do these electric companies have their physical offices near where I live, which in Varsak Kepez, which I could go in to pay off the utility bills without paying commissions?

Also is there any places I can pay off these utility bills using my foreign credit card? 

Thanks as this will be extremely useful and be immediately used by me. Thank you!

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I am not from Antalya, but wonder how much you will save by paying directly to the provider. I think you may pay more in transport costs than you would in commission. After you get your account set up you can arrange direct debits from your TL current account to pay all of these. IMHO it is not worth the stress.

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I totally see what you are saying.

So what is the most economical method prior to having a fully functional bank account?

Which store/bank charges the least amount of money for paying 3 bills a month?

Or PTT is basically my best bet?

Does PTT accept non Turkish credit card for paying off these bills?

Does A101, Sok or Bim charge more or less than PTT for paying off these utility bills and do they support paying off these utility bills using credit cards? 

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Yapı Kredi bank gives you free banking if you pay 2 or more regular payments by direct debit (otomatik ödeme) each month. For the first one or two payments of utility bills when you get here it is not worth the hassle trying to avoid commission charges, the amount you save will not be worth it, you won't even save the price of a beer.

And to be quite honest if you're that worried about not getting ripped off you should seriously consider whether you really want to leave the U.S. You are going to have to pay for some help one way or another whether you want to or not.


Çukurbağlı's blog. Warning - takes you off the forum and into the www.wilderness


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Generally it is often difficult to pay with a non Turkish credit card. Even Turkish debit cards are sometimes no accepted for on-line purchases. As far as I know the PTT only accepts cash. In my opinion this is your best option until you have a bank account.

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The issue is CK Adeniz and ASAT both requires a KIMLIK number for me to even register an account with them as an individual and I don't even have a KIMLIK hence they don't even seem to be able to open an online access account for me...

My Turk Telekom internet is not under my name so at the payment page I can only use my friend's credit card which I don't have lol! Turk Telekom apparently only allows you to pay by credit card on their website using the registered user's own credit card which is ridiculous... AT&T let me use whoever I want who'd be willing to pay my bills using their credit cards...

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Problem is when I went to Yapi Kredi Kepez Antalya branch I think near Gundogdu, the woman behind counter just straight up told me they don't open accounts for foreigners when I told them I wanted to open an account to pay bills...

Also when I went to like 8 other banks they all basically said they can't open an account without a kimlik and IS Bank and QNB Finans required some extra ridiculous documents on top of Fatura, Kimlik and Pasaport. 

Ziraat bank in Kepez even required a 30000 TL deposit lmfao.

Only 2 nice banks so far that only requires a Passport, a Vergi Numarasi and a Fatura are Kuveyt Turk and Vakif Katilim Bank (Not the yellow Vakif).

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