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2021 How to get my unit door key?

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Hi there, to this date I'm still having to manually enter the password on my keypad to gain access to my daire.

Where and how do I obtain a physical key for my unit door at my daire so I don't have to painstakingly enter my key code each time I want to enter my apartment? 

Is it the Aidat office? 

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I think the previous owner of your unit would have that. You would have to contact them. Or check with the real estate agent. Maybe the yönetici (apartment manager) might have it, you could check and see.

I suspect, though, that if you can't find a key, you will have to have the lock replaced. I recommend replacing the whole lock anyway. You cannot know how many people have access to whatever key(s) are out there, who they are, and what they might do with it. So to be on the safe side, change the lock.

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You should have been given a key to this along with the key to your apartment door, after you signed the contract. Ask the agent or the person who gave you the apartment key to get one for you. Failing that, most apartments have a manager (or yönetici), to whom you pay the monthly maintenance fee (Aidat), they should be able to supply one. Let us know how you get on

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