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2021 How to find my Aidat office and how to figure out how much Aidat is due?

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Hi there I am pretty sure I need to pay Aidat as there is an elevator and other things to maintain on my property. 

However there is no phone numbers of the Aidat office, I don't see anybody looking for me getting the Aidat, and How do I know how much Aidat the previous owner has paid so I don't have to double pay for the Aidat due?

When are Aidats due ever year? And since I don't live in a compound/sitesi, where is my Aidat office? 

Is there an Aidat rulebook like the HOA Rulebook in the US where I can clearly see how much the Aidat is being collected? 


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The person you pay the Aydat (monthly maintenance payment) is either a person in your complex or a company. We just transitioned from a person to a company recently, so telling you about that might help.

Previously, there was a resident-owner who volunteered to collect and keep the aydat payments and pay the bills. The person is called a yönetici (manager).

To pay, I would go to their apartment and pay, and she would give me a receipt for each payment. I never asked to see any record of her management, but I assume she kept one.

The duty transferred from one person to another as they volunteered. Eventually they couldn't find anybody to do it, so the latest one hired a maintenance company to take care of it. Then the new aydat fee was announced, and we were all given a bank account number to pay into, and the information about the company which was managing it.

Either way, one of your neighbors would know who the yönetici is, the amount and procedures, so you would need to ask one of your neighbors who is handling it.

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