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Common Turkish Sayings and Truisms in the Culture

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Ok, so I wondered about what Turks use as common sayings or truisms. Example, in the US we say things like; The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree, You Get What You Pay For, When I Rains It Pours, etc.  And some oldies but goodies like "Silence is Golden" or the Golden Rule; Do Unto Others As You Would Want Them to Do Unto You; taken from the Christian Bible I believe.

I imagine Turks have some in common with what is used here and elsewhere but maybe some unique ones that come from the old Turkish culture of the Ottoman Empire or even before. Perhaps much of it is taken from the Koran. I am sure some relate to the culture of hospitality Turks are known for. Those would be especially interesting for me.

Please provide English translation if you don't mind.


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Oh My God!  I just remembered another saying that I and many Americans use that perhaps Turkish folks have a similar saying. 

It's a saying Americans use in just about any circumstance; Surprise, Shock, Wonder, Despair, Worry. It is a saying used almost unconsciously when no other words fit the moment.  And i think this is particular to American culture although Canadians might use this saying on an almost daily basis like many Americans. Do Turks have a similar saying to 

Oh My God!



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