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Do I need to get a pre-exposure rabies vaccine prior to arrival in Antalya?

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Hi there, Pre-exposure rabies vaccine is very expensive here in the US and I am not sure if my health insurance would cover it. 

How big of a risk am I taking if I will move to Kepez or Aksu of Antalya without getting a rabies vaccine?

How to avoid getting bitten by dogs or cats when I am physically in Antalya?

If I don't touch dogs or cats, don't walk near them, is there a chance that they would lunge an attack at me with a bite?

Did you get pre-exposure rabies vaccine prior to going to Turkey? 

Does Turkey offer pre-exposure rabies vaccine? How much does it cost in Turkey to get a pre-exposure rabies vaccine? 

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I haven't seen where it was recommended or required anywhere. And I don't know of anyone who has gotten it. I don't touch or play around with street cats, mostly because of other infections one could get from a bite or a scratch. The cats won't bother you much. They'll just beg for food at outdoor restaurants. They're usually easy to scare off, I just wave a menu or something similar at them and they run away. At least temporarily.

I've found the dogs to be pretty tame. They get together and roam around occasionally, mostly barking at passing cars, mostly at night. I've never heard of any attacking or biting anyone. You can just walk by and ignore them and they leave you alone. The only time I've heard foreigners complaining about the dogs' behavior was by people who were afraid of dogs.

When I was in Kaş the dogs were very well-mannered and I thought it was funny how they would just lay around, sometimes in the front of shop doorways, and people would just step over or walk around them, not even nudging them to get up and move. I asked one of the locals why they were so tame, and he said "because the aggressive ones get killed."

So that's probably how it is in Antalya. If a dog is showing aggressive behavior, it gets taken to the veterinarian and dispatched, or dispatched by some other means.

I don't know the prices for the rabies vaccine. I did a search and mostly found prices for animal vaccinations. Those for people I couldn't tell if it was for prevention or after a bite. So you might contact a hospital and ask for the price there.

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Vu8, your post made me chuckle! Especially the part about dogs lunging at you and biting you! I spent the summer in Kusadasi, and there are certainly a lot of stray cats and dogs roaming around. The cats seemed to be very friendly and come up close to you. One of them would try to nibble at my leg, but the rest would just be looking for food. As Ken said, the dogs tend to roam around in herds mostly at night. They can be noisy. I easily get scared when a herd of dogs starts approaching me in the dark because you never know what can happen. Apparently, they can also sense your fear, but nothing ever happened to me, even though they would come near me to see if by chance I had any food. I also didn't stay too long on dark roads near dogs, nor did I try to pet any them. So it's not as if you are walking down the street and have to fear being attacked by them! Don't worry about it too much.

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