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4 day travelling to Turkey with a 9 month old

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I would like to have some information regarding cappadocia, as we are planning to  travel with our 9 month old son. I do know kapadokya is a lot about hikes and treks and we would like to visit one of the open air museum and underground city. We decided not to take our stroller and use a baby carrier. I would like to know which valleys are most easy and comfortable to hike with an infant. We would like to stay in a cave hotel, but i wonder ifthe ambience would be proper for a child. Since im still breastfeeding , i wanted to know if there are facilities where i can nurse him, such as in mosques or churches since we are planning to visit Istanbul..


Thanks in advance.

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Personally I don't think it will be a problem at all. I hiked the valleys there and while there is a descent into them and a climb to get out on the ends, there are also flat ways to enter them in the middle. And the valleys are flat. Once in them, I don't recall doing any climbing at all. Two examples are rose valley and sword valley. They're no different from a normal nature hike.

As I recall the Göreme Open Air Museum had steps going down to it, but while there is a slope, it's not difficult to walk, no different from what you would encounter where you live now.

I don't know how the ambiance of a cave hotel would affect an infant, but as far as I know the only real difference is that there might not be any windows. other than that they're like a regular hotel. I'd suggest going on some of the cave hotel websites (the actual ones, not the hotel booking sites) and sending them an e-mail. You can also get more detailed information about the best valleys and places to go from the hotel where you stay.

I've never heard of or seen any facilities for breastfeeding. Nor have I ever seen women breastfeeding babies in public. I think you would have to use a lady's restroom, which you could find at any restaurant or similar facility. They also have paid public restrooms which are often located near mosques. Also in this situation, talk to the people at the hotel where you'll be staying. Turks love children and will go out of their way to help you, especially if a child is involved.

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