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Residence Permit for a Foreign Baby Born in Turkey

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Hello!  My Wife and i have just had a baby in Antalya 1 month ago, I am Australian and she is Russian. We chose the have the baby here because of covid complications we could not get into each others countries. Antalya specifically as its a nice place!

We are now finding it difficult to get all the needed documents to obtain Russian citizenship, one in particular proof of address of our child from "muhtarlık"

In order to get proof of residence you need an ikamet and tax number - to get that you need a passport - to get a passport you need citizenship.

It seems there is a broken link somewhere!

As for getting Australian citizenship & Passport it will take 6-8 months which is too long in our situation 

I read somewhere it is possible to get an ikamet without passport for a newborn in turkey, however it does not allow me to proceed with the application with out a passport number?

If any one has been in a similar situation or could offer some advice Id be grateful to hear it!

Thanks in advance!

Colin V

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Have a look at this article:

As you apply, you'll see an option to select for a baby born in Turkey. I haven't gone through that process, but it should allow you to apply without first having a passport for the baby.

You can also call the immigration office's helpline at 157 for assistance.

I hope all goes well, please let us know how things went!

Note: The crossed-out information is incorrect. See below for corrected information.

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Hi Ken,i was always under the impression that a passport is needed to make an RP application. If you look at the picture in that link the info beside the passport info is in Red,therefore MUST be filled in. So baby is born & registered here,then a foreign passport for the newborn must be applied for & then Residence Permit application submitted all within 6 months of the birth.

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Thanks Redders! I haven't been through that route, so I wasn't sure if there was an exception for children born in Turkey. My source material may have been incorrect, and I just don't know for sure.

Colin, I think you could do a couple of things here. First call 157 and ask to make sure, or go ahead and create an application, and click on that link for a child born in Turkey to see if it will allow you to proceed without first having the baby's passport. As I recall, even in the English version, the option for a child born in Turkey is still in Turkish.

If it doesn't allow you to register the application, you can cancel it and then proceed in getting a passport. Even if you do that, considering the time it apparently takes, you should still call 157 to learn what exactly you need to do.

I would call for you, but no doubt they will ask me various questions about your situation that I can't answer for them. In the past when I have asked them questions on behalf of another person, they have told me to have that person contact them instead.

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  • Ken Grubb changed the title to Residence Permit for a Foreign Baby Born in Turkey

Hi Ken & Redders!


Thanks for replying to my questions, I called 157 today and spoke with a lady about the residence permit. She confirmed that a child born in turkey does need to have a passport before they can have Turkish short term residency.

We have a meeting with the Russian Embassy in 2 weeks so hopefully they’ll understand our situation and grant the citizenship any way!




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Thank you Redders, for your help in making sure the information here is correct! You always know what you're talking about.

And thank you Colin, for coming back and telling us what you heard from the immigration office. I have corrected the article (and my previous post) that I wrote on this.

Good luck to you, Colin! I hope you can get your child's passport quickly and easily.

I hope you'll come back and let us know how everything went.

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