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Some Afterthoughts About Living in Kusadasi

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Hi everyone. Just thought I’d post some of my thoughts/feelings after being here for 1.5 months. I know it’s not a long time, but I am not as excited about the thought of retiring here as I once was. I feel that the Turks are not as warm and friendly as I remember them to be from my previous visits. I fear also that I won’t find any friends that I can share my time and experiences with. When I watch the news and when I walk down the streets, I hear a lot of screaming, I see fights, I feel there is a lot of violence in this country. If I compare it to the French coast, it is dirty, lawless and disorganized here. The properties that I have visited are cheaply built and overpriced. I don’t feel that I will be able to spend longer than a few months at a time here. I also have a renewed appreciation of my own country and city (Canada, Montreal). Maybe I just need to get used to it here. Don’t mean to sound negative. Thoughts anyone?

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That is why we old-timers recommend everyone to rent before they buy. Every country and every town have different appeals to each individual. Sorry to hear of your disappointment. Don't let one area put you off Turkey though.

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