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e-visa over stay by 1 day, what are the fines if any or consequences

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Good Evening

A friend of mine is travelling with me to Bodrum, he is South African, and has an e-visa already approved.

the inbound and outbound flights are already booked, his e-visa only allows him to stay in Turkey for 30 days, the duration of our stay is 31 days! we didn't realise that he could only stay 30 days out of the 90. What should we do?

Please could you advise and if you have any idea what the fines would be for staying over 1 day for a South African National.

Hope to hear from you soon, Many thanks


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I did some searching and couldn't find much but a visa overstay fine calculator, here:


I don't know how accurate it is, it's by a private company. I know of cases where the visa violation office didn't charge any fine at all, after the foreigner explained their situation. But with the visa calculator I got a fine of ₺791,26.

Go to the airport early to straighten it out, so you don't miss your flight.

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