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Starting a New Short-Term Residence Permit Application After the Opportunity to Renew the Old One

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Unfortunately because of the vaccination matter me and my husband had been a way from Turkey for several month, and that is why I was unable to renew my STRP (Short Time Residence Permit).

Now I am back in Istanbul and would like to apply for a new STRP, I have 90 days visa to stay in Turkey, my concerns are:

- When is the latest day to send my application?

- If I apply now, can I leave turkey and come back during these 90 days without any problems?

- Any one has an idea about processing time for STRP in Istanbul now days?

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You can apply at any time you are within 60 days of the expiration of your visa or the day you reach the maximum number of days your visa allows you to be in Turkey. The sooner the better, since applications can take much longer in Istanbul than other parts of the country.

As long as your visa is valid, you can leave Turkey and return as much as you want. It will have no effect on your application. Also the days only count off when you're in the country, the "clock" stops when you're not.

Choose e-mail as your communications method when you apply online. That's because Istanbul doesn't give you an appointment at the end of the online application. They send it later by e-mail or SMS, so by using e-mail you can be sure to get the notification.

I haven't heard about the processing time lately, but it will vary between the Istanbul immigration office branches there, depending on how busy they are. There may be some posts in the forum about the length of time if you want to search for "Istanbul" and "residence permit" (specify that you want both terms in the search). Or maybe another member has recently gotten a residence permit in Istanbul and can tell you.

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