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Izban Cards

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I am going to Eski Foca with my husband as a birthday treat (yay!) in a few weeks. We will fly to Izmir and then plan to get the Izban from the airport to Hatundere and a bus from there. My question is, do I need to buy an Izban card and register my HES code? And, can we use the Izban card for the bus to Eski Foca? Thank you
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I looked at the İzban website and there is a video that plays explaining registering your HES code. It's in Turkish. Here is a page in English about it:


Regarding your transportation card, it only works with municipal buses, and normally it's privately-owned buses that go from town to town. I don't know what the bus situation is at Hatundere, but if it's like any other place, it will be a privately-owned minibus that goes to Eski Foça from there, so you would buy a ticket at the bus station.

Congratulations on your husband's birthday, I hope he enjoys it. Eski Foça will be a wonderful place to spend it.

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Thanks for this information Ken, it's very useful. We expect to have a great time! It's my birthday next Saturday and his in August and we are looking forward to being out and about, swimming and eating out. Masked and socially distanced as required of course!

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