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Address change in residence permit renewal

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I have updated my registered address to a hotel where I stayed in May, and my residence permit is valid in the middle of August.

 Can I use the address of the hotel to apply for my residence permit renewal?

If so what documents should I need from hotel??

thanks first 

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It seems to me that you should be able to continue using a hotel as your address. A hotel room is a legally registered address in Turkey's central address system. So you should be able to renew your residence permit with your hotel room as your address. There is no restriction concerning how long a foreigner can stay in a hotel and use it as their address.

To use a hotel as your address, you need a stamped and signed, or digitally signed, letter from the hotel management, using their hotel letterhead, which says your dates of stay, the address of the hotel, and your room number.

If you don't have an ending date of stay that should be okay too. When you go to your appointment, if there is any problem or the immigration specialist wants more information, they will tell you and give you time to get whatever document they want. Then you can bring it back to the immigration specialist (no appointment required).

I would also encourage you to call 157 (from any telephone in Turkey) to ask this same question.

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Thanks for your help.Always 

The owner of the hotel said that he will sign a lease contract with me, which means I rent a room from him.But should I sign one year contract if I want to extend my RP for a year? Is it ok if I sign a three month contract but apply for extending a year?

If I move to another place now, should I update my address in immigration office before I renew my RP?? I know national holidays starting next week, so will it be risky to do so??

sorry for annoying questions and thanks for your patience again 


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I think you should call the 157 number and ask them about this. They were telling me before that the first contract, for the first year, must be for one year. But they will also give you a one or two-year residence permit if you are staying in the hotel temporarily while looking for a place to rent or buy.

In this case, it sounds like you want to use the hotel room as a permanent address, and it is an extension, not a first-time residence permit. So I'm not clear on what the rules would be for that. So the best thing to do is call 157 and ask them to be sure.

You do need to report any change of address within 20 business days. 

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