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Regular mail not arriving

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I am facing a huge problem that regular mail sent to me from Europe does not reach my house in Turkey.

Somewhere is the distribution chain it gets lost. To this extend I have never received a letter in 10 months. Unfortunately these items include important documents regarding insurances, salary payments, but also postcards from family.

What is your thought on this?

Does the mail gets lost in transit? Or during the distribution chain in Turkey?

I did contact PTT in this issue, but they claim there is no issue and all mail is delivered accurately.

I know using registered services and couriers are more reliable, but this option is not available.

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Sorry to hear about your mail problem Adrianus. If you live in a small village the local post office will probably not deliver to you. The best thing you can do is ask at the post office for a Post Office Box (Posta Kutusu). You will have to pay for it of course but they are cheap, you will then have a regular service and you will have to check the box to see what is there on a regular basis.

Before I had a post office box I used to have to check at the local mosque where the incoming mail was thrown on the floor by the door.


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We haven't had mail for several years.  Whenever my bankcard needs renewing, it never arrives.  So I have to call my bank in Australia & they send a replacement by cargo (only took 3 days last time).  I've given up on snail mail, everything gets done electronically now! 


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I also use a post office box. It costs me maybe 20 TL per year. But that way I can be sure it doesn't get lost or stolen because it never leaves the postal system. Unfortunately without registered mail you won't be able to track it, but it would at least improve the odds that you'll receive it.

Just as an additional note for anyone else reading this, cargo companies can't ship to a post office box. So any mail sent to a post office box has to be done through the mail system.

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