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Is a Turkish ID required to open utility accounts?

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I double-checked on this with a new arrival to Antalya. He doesn't have his foreigner identification number yet. In fact, he hasn't even gone to his appointment. He was able to set up electricity and water accounts with his passport, his rental contract, and the numbers from the water and electricity meters.

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@Ken Grubb thank you. Being a new arrival to Antalya as well, this is what I experienced last week: while signing the rental contract, the landlord introduced me to a ‘consultant’ and asked him to help with the utilities... and he did. He came and picked me up the day after, we did Gas, Water and Electricity... all with my passport only. The only thing he tried hard was internet: Turk Telekom personnel were very clear: Hayir without a Turkish ID.

Water came first the same day, then electricity same day as well, Gas the day after since pressure needs to be measured, which requires an employee from the gas provider to come and access the appartement.

overall : a good experience and got the thing done in half a day.

the only thing I would recommend is to do water last then go the the dwelling directly: we came back few hours later to find a small flake of water in the kitchen: the dishwasher valve wasn’t closed properly by the previous occupant, so it dripped enough to cause a flake. 

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A very good point! I'm going to be writing some new articles and improving old ones, and I've made a not to include that.

Thanks for updating us, it's always great to get feedback like yours.

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@HakimSJ819 Gas was the easiest utility of all. I'd suggest you try again at a different branch. Take a Turkish speaking person with you if needed. It helps. Keep us posted and good luck to you. 

Note & "disclaimer": As opposed to water and electricity: You will need to be present at the dwelling for the gas meter to be unlocked by an inspector. provide the gas company with a current phone number so you know they are coming.  Disclaimer: my experience is in Antalya. other cities may differ.

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