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Role of "Exper" (appraiser) in purchases

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Recent new law is that as part of property purchase process, an "exper" must come and appraise the property's value and prepare a report, seemingly for the title office.  How does this affect the agreed purchase price, if at all ?  What happens if the "reported" purchase price is much lower than the appraisal valueb?  WHO decides which price is given to the title office ?

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Can you give me a link to where you read this, or some other information from the source? I know an appraisal is required for foreigners wanting to get citizenship through buying property, but I haven't heard of it applying to normal purchases.

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Ken, my foreigner friend has been told by various emlaks and also a lawyer that an appraisal report is required for ANY purchase of property.

Most recently, she found an apartment she wanted to buy for 400k TL.  But the seller said because she is a foreigner, they would not sell to her due to it would require an appraisal ( seller is trying to avoid large tax bill).

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As of 01/01.2020
Those who want to buy/ sell a property where a foreigner is involved  will now have private companies calculate the real market value of their property and 4% of the real value will be paid in tax on the resulting valuation/sale.
The new application will start from 1st January 2020.
In addition, the valuation of the property by the appraisal specialist will cost approximately 450 to 500 lira, which will be paid by the  seller.

Agents, or sellers, will first apply to a valuation company to learn the true value of their home.
For this they will pay a certain amount, (approx 450-500 lira) to the valuation company. They will then present the document they receive from the valuation company to the land registry [property title deed office]. At present the deed administration will receive a total of 3% of the title deed, 2% from the buyer and 2% from the seller. 

No more under valuing a property for tax purposes.

How much is my house worth?
When getting a home value estimate, you should consider two main types of valuation:
Fair market value: Fair market value encompasses what your home looks like to prospective buyers looking at other homes in the area. Consider the sale price of a home that’s similar to yours (same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage or outdoor space, say).
Be careful some real estate agents are offering lower prices so that they can earn extra.
Appraised value: While the appraised value of your home factors in comps, it differs from fair market value. To calculate appraised value, a licensed appraiser considers the location, size and condition of your home, and any renovations you’ve completed. The appraised value is what mortgage lenders look at when a borrower buys a home or refinances their mortgage.
Valuation reports hold the following information;

– All title deeds details
– Location of property on a map with coordinates
– Photos of the property
– Prices of equivalent properties
– Confirmation of the price
– Current debt condition of the property
– Confirmed acceptance with the land registry and cadastre general directorate.

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Thank you Redders for that info, especially the list at the end of what the appraiser report actually includes.

Why does this process only apply to foreigners though ?  That makes no sense.

If this only applies to foreigners, it is another disincentive for sellers to accept a foreign buyer due to the delay involved with getting the appraisal done, as well as the seller not being able to claim a lower sale price for tax purposes (as my friend found out).

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Ted,it was  stated that it's being trialled on us as the take  up would be a lot less than if introduced to TC's as well,so they could iron out any problems in the system , but supposedly it will be for all sales/purchases maybe later this year. 

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