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How Can I File a Complaint Against a Turkish Hospital?

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I'd like to ask our community lawyer, Mr. Ender Keleş, to reply to your question. But before I do that it would help if you provided some additional information.

What is the complaint about? Service? A procedure improperly performed? Your hospital bill? Please be specific.

Is it about a state or private hospital?

Was any of your bill paid by the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (Social Security Administration, or SGK)?

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Hello everyone,

I have the same question and would be most grateful for insight and advise.

It is very important for me to find justice as this doctor ruined my entire life and other patients have complained about his sadistic behavior as well which correlated with the subsequent damage. I am convinced he damaged me more than negligently as he was very aggressive before the surgery and when I wanted to cancel they sedated me.

In a nutshell, the case involves

 - severe irreparable damage needing reconstruction. I had reconstruction with another doctor and he could not fix the damage, many doctors before him told me the damage was irreparable.

- Theft of money for a procedure he pushed on me and then did not perform

- Document forgery  of an Informed Consent form which I filled out myself and wrote the two procedures I was scheduled to receive. The doctor removed the original, filled out the document himself and wrote down only one procedure and photoshopped a scanned copy of my original signature on to the fake one. I suppose they could not get the ink right when he was forging it because he went on to photocopy that forgery into black and white and that is the copy they have at the American Hospital. I contacted the American Hospital and even flew to Istanbul to see the original copies and asked them that they email me the scans of all the ORIGINAL copies and they emailed me a photocopy saying the black and white xerox copy was the original. The forgery is visible to the naked eye and any forensics expert would prove it is a forgery especially since it is blatantly not the original colored document.

Just to mention a few prosecutable offenses.

I have the WhatsApp exchanges and the proof that I was sent a photocopied forgery from the American Hospital email account which they insist is the original. In the United States the case would have been opened and closed in a minute and the doctor would have lost his medical license and gone to jail as well. However, from my several consultations with some of the lawyers I am warned that seeking justice in Turkish courts on such cases is not as easy as in the West.

I lost everything because of this damage; my career, my social life, my earnings, my prospective wedding, my sleep and peace of mind. I have PTSD and have nightmares about how the doctor bullied me and psychologically abused me and that every doctor I am consulting is telling me they can not help. I am clinically depressed and unemployed.

Would be most grateful to anyone who can help me restore justice as I am not his only victim and I fear I am not his last victim either.

Thank you in advance.


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Dear friends, 

I would recommend you to file a complaint against the hospital&doctors by the Ministry of Health. They prombtly initiate an investigation to collect the facts and send it prosecution office for legal procedures if they have found guilty. 

You can directly file a complaint against the doctor & hospital by submitting a written paper to the prosecution office (cumhuriyet savcılığı), too. Prosecution offices are located in any of the court houses. 

For the damage claims, it is recommended to consult to a legal practitioner who is expert at malpractice cases.


H. Ender KELEŞ | Founding Partner
Avukat / Attorney at Law, LL.M.
T : +90 532 179 1513  |  F : +90 232 486 10 17
E : [email protected]  |  www.eglegal.net
Manas Bulvarı No:74, Trend Office, K:1 D:3 Bayraklı/Izmir- Turkey

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Thank you very much for your reply.

Could you please suggest how foreigners living abroad can contact the Ministry of Health and the prosecutor’s office?

Also would appreciate any advice on good malpractice lawyers, I’ve encountered issues because of the language barrier.

Thanks again

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Oh dear, MissMoss, that is just horrendous!  That's not a proper doctor but rather a ruthless businessman trying to cheat you out of money, without regard for your well-being!  If only it was possible to write public reviews of one's experiences at hospitals, like they do with hotels!  Really sorry to hear about the terrible ways it has affected your life. I hope that guy gets investigated & rewarded with the punishment he deserves!  I wish you the best in your efforts... :)


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The Ministry of Health website is here: https://saglik.gov.tr/. I see on their "iletişim" (contact) page their main contact info is:

Bilkent Campus, Universiteler Mah. Dumlupinar boulevard 6001. Cad. No:9 Çankaya/Ankara 06800

Tel : + 90 (312) 585 1000

And also listed there is:


Tel: 0312 565 00 00-01

There is an option for legal services, the telephone number is Tel: 0312 458 51 62. Unfortunately their actual page isn't working.

If you can tell me where the hospital is, I can find the info for the local prosecutor's office for you.

I have a friend who I think can give you more information. I have contacted here and will relay the info to you.

As for a malpractice lawyer, you might contact Mr. Keleş directly using his contact form here: https://www.turkeycentral.com/forms/20-legal-services/.

I also found a "Request, Suggestion, and Complaint Form" on the ministry of health website here:


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Thank you so much for your replies.

Dear Ken, appreciate all the information. I informed them several times of the illegal and improper activity of the visiting doctor but I guess they realize that if they address these issues they have to admit vicarious liability and are now in on it with the surgeon but they've already made a huge mistake by sending me the forged document from the hospital account so at least I have the proof of that.

I intend on getting in touch with Mr. Keles, am putting together the sequence of events currently. Hopeful we can resolve this successfully.

Again, thanks to everyone who was kind to reply.

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I'm so sorry to hear what has happened to you and wish you the best of luck, MissMoss.

Unfortunately, I can relate because I've made a similar experience. I've had my integrity taken and life ruined by a doctor's negligence too. Searching for help online, I stumbled upon this thread. 

Lawyers in my country already told me, that I would have to hire someone in Turkey, specialized in medical liability.

However, I've heard that chances of success are rather slim, because doctors, no matter how bad they are, are highly regarded in Turkish society and corruption of the legal system. It's sad how criminal and inhuman treatment has such bad prospect of being punished appropriately.

I already considered contacting the Ministry of Health as well, but I was skeptical if they would be of any help or even be willing to communicate with me in the first place.

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