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Insurance Requirement Over 65 - Short-Term Residence Permit

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Can anyone clarify the situation regarding over 65 health insurance requirement for a short-term residence permit? I understood that no entry required on permit application however when completing form I was unable to proceed without confirming I had Health Insurance( I am 69). I called 157, explained my age and was told " just tick box you have insurance". At the moment I have no cover due to reluctance of home country providing cover as My Government viewed Turkey as Co-vid problem. I propose to come to my apt in Turkey around 5 or 6 months a year over 2 or 3 visits. I am concerned interviewing officer will query what insurance I have. I am happy to purchase insurance for periods I reside here.  Any information  would be greatly appreciated.

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You missed ticking a box on a screen at the beginning of the online application stating you're under18/over 65 therefore you will not be asked for the mandatory health cover for your RP application.

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Thanks for response. It is possible that is what happened. I had read that system would pick up age from date of birth entry and omit the Health Section hopefully  it will not cause problem at interview. Thanks again for your comments Redders.

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