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Transfer fees

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I read a post about this subject last year, but things change quickly. I would like to know if it is better for me to bring Canadian cash and transfer the money once in Kusadasi, or whether I should transfer my dollars into Turkish lira through Wise using my friend's account over there. Also, is it better to pay in cash over there, or by credit card?


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Bring Canadian cash. When you get to the airport, exchange enough to get a taxi or transportation to where you're going to be. The exchange rates at the airport are outrageously high. Once you're in town, look for an exchange shop called a "döviz" and make your larger exchanges there. The exchange rate at a döviz is far better.

You can pay by credit card, or take money from an ATM, but typically foreign banks make money not just from the overseas ATM or credit card fee but also the exchange rate. If you're visiting, that's to be expected. But if you want to live in Turkey, transfer a larger amount of money into a Turkish bank account from time to time and use a Turkish bank ATM card.

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Thanks Ken. I am not concerned about airport exchange rates since my ex is picking me up. Just wondering whether to bring the cash and change at doviz downtown, or use Transferwise and withdraw the cash for free through my ex's account. I remember the ATM withdrawal fees being exorbitant last time I was there. Think I will try Transferwise and maybe bring a small amount of cash.

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