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I was born in Turkey but my British mother moved me to England with her when I was 2. I want to go visit family in Turkey, but scared about the military as I am 31

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It's just such a crazy concept to me. 

I don't speak to language, I've never lived there - how can they expect me to complete military service?

Also as a homosexual man, I can't think of anything more scary than being forced to be in a homophobic military service - like does this mean I can never visit my family in case they pull me in? Like how do they expect to have a conversation with me if I can't even understand them?

My family out there is getting older, I guess I could defer military service for a few years, but I think I'd rather just remove all assoications with turkish citizenship,

I have looked all over the internet, but no one seems to be in a similar situation to me. 

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Have a look at this article on Turkish Citizenship and Military Service:

There is contact information for the Turkish government recruitment office there. I think you should have one of your Turkish relatives contact them to learn exactly what you need to do, since they're the ones who make the recruitment decision.

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Ken - do you know what the Military does for Turkish Citizens who live outside of Turkey when called for subscription? I am considering the CBI program, but I have a 14yr old son & I do not want to have him forced to join the military there, moreso if we do not live in turkey.

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I can't find any information about that specific situation. The only thing I can find is that it doesn't matter if you live outside of the country. Take a look at the bottom of that article again and you'll see a link for the government organization to contact. You should get your information directly from them rather than taking the chance that some other information is wrong or outdated.

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