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Can I open a A101 or Bim Store?

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I am back and Kenn i hope you are doing great. I wanted to ask if I can open a Bim or A101 store. Do you know the procedure like how can I start it. How much investment would it cost.. Any idea how can i reach to them?




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There's no prohibition for foreigners who want to open a grocery store. The only issue is that if you want to actually work in the store, you must get a residence permit. You can get one after you can show that you've hired at least five Turkish citizens, so you would probably do that anyway when you open a store.

Here's the BiM homepage:


Also find your local ticaret odası (chamber of commerce) and visit them. Among other things, they can also advise you on opening a new business.

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Dear noor12345

Hope you are doing good. 

A101 and BIM do work and grow up on franchise business model, unlike other chain shops like Starbucks, McDonalds etc.  For this reason, individuals are not authorized to open up new A101 and BIM shops.   

Besides, A101 is not a listed company but BIM is a listed company under Turkish Stock Exchange (BIST). Thus, for those who believe that a financial investment to BIM is a brilliant idea, can buy shares from the stock exchange which is very common and convenient.

All the best, 


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