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Address Change past due

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Hello, I've had a bit of a rollercoaster since my arrival (especially with all the lockdowns) and having to leave the first house (never rely on a distant relative -.-)

I had to stay in some share flats for a while until I finally managed to get another apartment temporarily for 2 months where the owner agreed to write a contract and bills for me to be able to apply for Nufus, and then the Ramadan lockdown happened. I tried going to nufus more than once and I received a bit of an insensitive/slightly racist treatment for not speaking Turkish (even when the agent speaks English). And I was stuck that the office closest to me seems impossible.


Now that the movement is open again, I can go to another office but I am worried that it's 35 days past the start of the contract and what that imply. Especially that I don't speak the language and wouldn't be able to elaborate if the same instance happens again. 


I'm not sure what to do. I have another 28 days left on this contract.

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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Do you have a residence permit and you're reporting a change of address? If so, you don't have to go to the Nüfus (Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs). Address changes for foreigners are now done by the immigration office, not by the Nüfus. The immigration specialist will update the central Address Registration System, which is the same system the Nüfus uses. You don't need an appointment.

I talked to an immigration specialist in Antalya about this. He said the only thing you need to change your address is one or more utility bills showing that service is connected to your new address in your name. There's no need to get a notarized copy of your rental contract. That's Antalya, it may be different if you're in another province, but he also said that the immigration specialists consider a utility bill as better proof of address than a notarized copy of a rental contract.

Don't worry about the time that's passed. Because of the lockdown, everybody's having problems like this, and the government offices are taking that into consideration. Besides, despite the warnings, I've never heard of anybody getting any kind of a fine for reporting their address change late.

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Hello thank you so much for your prompt response Ken.  Yes I do have a 2yr Residence Permit in Istanbul and it seems they are accepting Foreign Permit numbers on the Rendevu service for the Nufus, although this appointment is set in 1 of the Population District offices. I got in touch with an office today that does foreigner support services and they will send an interpreter with me now that travel is allowed again. Guess I'll find out in my appointment for sure haha if it's possible or if I need to go to the immigration office. 

Thank you for the kind words of comfort about the time passing, I am hoping that it would pass smoothly. It had been quite difficult adjusting since I arrived to be honest. 


Thank you again and keep up the great work, kindness and valuable advice that I see you have been providing to expats like myself to members of this forum. It is truly much appreciated. Have a great day and be safe. 

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