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Is this place the place I should go to get my Vergi Numarasi as soon as I arrive in Antalya?

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The lockdown ends tomorrow, may 17th, at 5:00 AM. So the tax office should be open for normal business hours. But nothing official has come out regarding exactly how things will be when the lockdown ends tomorrow.

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Great info! And this Vergi Dairesi as shown on the map is the 1st stop I should go to as soon as I land in Antalya right?

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Yes. But actually you can now get one online without first being a resident. If you know someone who has access to the "online tax office," they can get one for you. One must be a Turkish citizen or foreign resident to join and use it, and someone who has access can actually get a tax number for another person.

There's a company (Mertsel Insurance) who does residence permit applications and provides health insurance for Turkey Central members. Currently they have contact forms for this under "Foreigner Services" in the top navigation menu.

They said they could also get tax numbers for members. So today I'll be setting up a contact form so members and guests can contact them and get a tax number that way. They charge a fee, but it saves a trip to the tax office. They just need a copy of your passport to get you a tax number. I'll post here when the contact form is up, if you're interested.

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